Chamber vs. Suction

Chamber vs. Suction Vacuum Sealer

What is the difference between a suction vacuum sealer and a chamber vacuum sealer?

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

The chamber vacuum sealers are used to store solid and liquid items. Chamber vacuum sealers use regular vacuum sealer pouches and full mesh vacuum sealer bags. The vacuum sealer bags are used on the inside of the chamber machine. Chamber vacuum sealers can control the amount of the vacuum.
Chamber vacuum sealers evacuate air from the chamber, leaving the air pressure equal both inside and outside the pouch and keeping liquids securely inside the pouch.
The chamber vacuum sealer does not use any suction, which allows you to vacuum package soups, stews, marinades and other liquids. When using this kind of vacuum sealer machine you place the vacuum sealer pouch or jar you are sealing inside the vacuum chamber. Without using suction all of the air is evacuated from the entire chamber. There are smaller counter top food sealer machines for home use as well as standalone commercial vacuum sealer sized machines for restaurants and catering businesses.

Suction Vacuum Sealers

External suction food vacuum sealers suck the air out from the front of the bag and once the air is sucked out completely at the end of the cycle, the vacuum sealer bag is sealed and the process is complete.
All vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer pouches may be used with a chamber vacuum sealer machine. The chamber pouches, which can only be used with chamber machines, do not have the mesh lining required for suction bags.

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